Lake Nipigon: Headwaters of the GLB

Lake Nipigon: Where the Great Lakes Begin
By Nancy Scott
Dundurn, Toronto, 2015
272 pages, paperback, $30
Reviewed by David M. Freedman

¶ Almost every map of North America shows Lake Nipigon as a significant geographic feature of Southern Ontario, yet few people know that it is where the Great Lakes begin. It is the heart of the primary watershed that flows into Lake Superior. The lake is home to a pristine wilderness, many distinctive peninsulas and islands, brook trout, woodland caribou, and spectacular scenery.LakeNipigon

Nancy Scott describes Nipigon’s natural history and human incursion into the area, including the aboriginal prehistory, French fur trade, coming of the railroad, recreational fishing, European settlement, and today’s communities.

The book features many wonderful color photos (including flora and fauna), maps, and illustrations. The maps are professionally rendered by Chrismar.

Scott is a park planner with the Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources. For over 25 years her work has included field reconnaissance and preparing management plans for such provincial parks as Woodland Caribou, Wabakimi, Mississagi, Lake Superior, and Killarney.


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